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Year of Madness

I wanted to let you into a secret that I’ve previously only shared with my closest friends and family…it’s called my Year of Madness. You

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Life as a Digital Gypsy

Over the past couple of years my wife and I have been experimenting with a form of lifestyle design that I’ve nicknamed ‘Digital Gypsy’. For us, being Digital Gypsies means we now divide our time between Italy, the UK and North America and have a number of businesses, some of which run on auto-pilot, that generate enough income to allow us to make it all possible. Digital Gypsies are part of a wider trend that also includes digital nomads and those individuals and families who are by choice location independent. We are a motley crew that consists of writers, web designers, entrepreneurs, designers, musicians and many other knowledge workers. What we all have in common is that we use technology, new ways of working, entrepreneurial spirit and minimalism to create a lifestyle that maximizes personal freedom. In this blog post I wanted to let you into the lifestyle of a Digital Gypsy.

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