A Quick Creativity Question For You

Creativity Question

This episode is a little bit different because I have a creativity question for you. In Episode 21 of The Creative Life I’d like you to tell me “what is the biggest question or challenge you have around creativity”. Just leave your answers in the comments section below. Watch the Video Please leave a comment below […]

Creativity and Beginners Mind

Beginners Mind

How can you use beginner’s mind to stay curious and creative?  In Episode 20 of The Creative Life I talk about creativity and beginners mind. Watch the Video In this episode you’ll discover: What is beginners mind? Why beginners mind will help you be more creative. The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins. The importance of curiosity […]

Simplifying My Life pt.1 – Decluttering

I do too many things, I have too much stuff.  It all came to a head last month as I sat down to review all my projects, tasks, roles and commitments only to feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of it all.  So I made a decision there and then to do the following: Identify […]