Taylor’s Top Ten – Political Blogs of the Week

  1. Caron’s Musings points out the stupidity of banning the burka
  2. Mark Reckons shows what political blogging and the Beatles have in common
  3. Cicero’s Songs reveals The Truth about New Labour
  4. Stephen on why style wins over violence
  5. Iain Dale on why Graham Evans MP is a Hero to Parliamentary Secretaries
  6. Andrew Reeves gets in the summer mood with Buckfast ice cream.
  7. Cllr Fraser MacPherson tells NHS Tayside to think again on using public bus to transport drugs
  8. Guy Fawkes’ view that Brown is Bonkers gets confirmed by Blair
  9. SNP Tactical Voting sees the rise of Green bloggers
  10. Tom Watson shows the extent of the Parliamentary drinks cabinet


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