CL201: The Neuroscience Of Leading Transformation – Interview with Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy

Thomas Zoega Ramsoy
Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy is considered one of the leading scholars and practitioners in applied neuroscience. His main interest is in the how the brain makes decisions. Besides being a prolific writer of scientific articles and textbooks on the matter, he also consults Fortune 500 companies within industries such as retail, social media, technology, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment. Thomas is also associated with Singularity University in Silicon Valley. His new co-authored book is called ‘Leading Transformation: How To Take Care Of Your Company’s Future’.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 3:54 – Lowes Innovation Labs
  • 4:36 – Understanding consumer behaviour
  • 6:13 – Uncommon Partners
  • 8:42 – The Creative Brain
  • 10:04 – How to increase creativity by 30%
  • 11:45 – The problem with neural networks
  • 13:22 – Free-will and artificial intelligence
  • 15:10 – Dan Ariely
  • 16:19 – Biases
  • 17:43 – Unilateral neglect
  • 19:06 – The narrator in our heads
  • 21:02 – Super-heuristic
  • 23:56 – Moving from academia to business
  • 25:11 – Publish or perish

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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