Top Speaker Bureaus

Top Speaker Bureaus

These are the top speaker bureaus worldwide who book motivational speakers, keynote speakers, and corporate speakers including James Taylor. If you are looking for an in-person top motivational speaker or a virtual keynote speaker on innovation, creativity, leadership, customer experience, diversity or any other business topic check out these top speaker bureaus listed below.



London Speaker Bureau is one of the top speaker bureaus globally. They are not just an international agency that represents and works with some of the most influential people around the world. They are more importantly, a 25 year old global resource for corporations and governments, providing keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses, and senior boardroom advisers. They are not interested in the “quick sale” but in longer term relationships and more thoughtful partnerships. They always try to take the time to determine your exact needs so you get the appropriate person for your session.

London Speaker Bureau represents and has access to a diverse and unique group of political leaders, economic forecasters, multi-national chairmen, digital cyber experts and educational thought leaders. Their expertise is drawn on to stimulate audiences and lead corporate programmes and boardroom strategy sessions. Underpinning our approach is an open mind, the ability to continually search for fresh talent and occasionally a little risk taking.

London Speaker Bureau is a dynamic organisation with a solid global presence. In 2019 they were involved in 3157 events taking place in over than 90 countries. They are a team of 110 colleagues based across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America, each with a detailed understanding of their region’s economic and governmental scene. Choosing them to help find your speaker will ensure your event or meeting has somebody experienced and world class.



Another top speaker bureau is Executive Speakers Bureau, founded by Angela Schelp in July 1993, which is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2001, Richard Schelp joined the bureau as a co-owner. At the turn of the century, Executive Speakers Bureau expanded its business to clients outside of the U.S. Today, Executive Speakers Bureau is considered one of the top bureaus in the country. They offer hundreds of national keynote speakers as well as speakers local to the client’s venue to help meet the individual needs of each organization with which they work. Customer service is their number one priority. They take pride in their ability to provide world class service as well as their ability to deliver today’s foremost professional speakers and expert trainers to clients around the world. It is their commitment to provide their clients with unparalleled service, access to hundreds of motivational speakers worldwide and individualized personal attention.


BigSpeak Speakers Bureau was founded in 1995 by Chairman Jonathan Wygant, who recognized an unfulfilled need for a firm that would provide greater focus and a deeper level of service to Fortune 1000 clients seeking not only keynote speakers, but professional development programs as well. He sought out professionals with skills and experience in the speaking/organizational development industry and from other boutique firms, who share the culture of service, focus and passion that BigSpeak fosters and lives by.

Among speakers bureaus, the BigSpeak team has several decades of cumulative experience in the speaking industry, as well as decades of experience in various realms of business. The wealth of industry knowledge and experience our agents provide, as well as our highly collaborative approach, ensures each and every client will be matched with the perfect speaker for their unique needs to create impactful, informative, and inspiring programs.

BigSpeak team members enjoy flex-schedules, remote work, pet and child-friendly offices, HSA health plans, pension plan, profit-sharing, and off-site trips. Additionally, frequent visits by celebrities and top business thought leaders allow the company to be in the vanguard of smart, nimble and innovative business practices.



MENA Speakers are the top speaker bureau and MC Bureau in the Middle East. With a portfolio of hundreds of international and MENA based speakers, you will find exactly what you’re looking for. The power is in your hands. Simply book professionally trained speakers anytime for just about anything.



WSB’s co-founder Harry Rhoads and CEO Christine Farrell believe in the transformative power of real-world human connections. They know that when people connect, big things happen. That’s why their mission is always to create experiences that spark engagement, enable change, and enrich lives – to move people, teams, and organizations forward in the right direction. At WSB, they place great value in their relationships. A handshake means everything. It’s how they communicate powerfully and establish trust. It’s the bedrock of the unshakeable relationships they aim to create.



MFL (Maria Franzoni Ltd) was formed by Maria Franzoni after years of working in both business and Speaker Bureaux with the support and encouragement of Tom Kenyon Slaney and Brendan O’Connor (Founders of the London Speaker Bureau). MFL is a group of very experienced people who really want to make a difference to an organisation and go beyond the speaker booking to create real change and continued momentum for clients. MFL is not in the B2B business but in the H2H business; human to human. More than just a Top Speaker Bureau, they are Agents of Change.

What makes MFL different:

  • They have a Head of Momentum who supports clients looking to implement change
  • They are loved by their speakers who choose to work through them
  • They do what they say they are going to do
  • They apply what they learn from their speakers to their own business
  • They aren’t in the business to be the biggest or the most known, they are in the business of doing the best job they can.
  • MFL has all the advantages of being small and agile but the added benefit of global reach through their partnership with London Speaker Bureau
  • They don’t use Adwords they prefer word of mouth
  • They carbon offset all our speaker travel
  • They have a sense of humour

Whether your requirement is to educate, motivate or entertain an audience their esteemed network includes experts from across the fields of business, finance, technology, creative arts, psychology, entertainment, and beyond to ensure they are able to meet your brief. Rich experience makes them well placed to work with you and your requirements to find the expert that both engages and inspires your audience and fits your budget. Strong buying power means that you are assured of a price that is the equivalent of going directly to the speaker while benefitting from the additional protective layer of advice and knowledge you would expect. Starting with the initial brief and selection to the event itself and beyond, they will be there to guide you through the speaker booking process and ensure that your experience with them is second to none and your event is a resounding success.



They believe in ideas. It’s ideas that bring about changes and advancement.

They believe in interaction. Through interaction and dialogue we learn new things and sharpen our minds.

That’s why Priscilla Chan founded Speakers Connect and China Speakers Agency????????. Based in Hong Kong, with an Asian focus and a global perspective, they bring you today’s best and brightest speakers from around the world. Their mission is to help you inspire and enrich your audience with dynamic ideas and fresh insights.

They proudly serve businesses, and organizations that seek a global perspective, regional expertise, or results-oriented management training.


The Insight Bureau is quite a unique organisation; it is an agency that represents top level professional speakers exclusively in the area of economics and business. They help organisations and the individuals who lead them, to think about the world, to make better sense of developments, to make smarter decisions and to engage more meaningfully with their stakeholders; i.e. clients, customers, business partners and employees.

The Insight Bureau is much more than just a booking service: it understands how organisations are increasingly looking for more personalised solutions, always seeking timely answers to burning questions and striving to create more tailored approaches to reaching their customers. Event organisers look to deliver very strong content and a memorable experience for participants to set them apart from all the rest. Business leaders thinking about their company’s future find an abundance of information and data, yet it’s the interpretation of all this and what it means to them that equates to real business intelligence, which can then create a competitive advantage.

So, in a word, The Insight Bureau deliver insights.

The Insight Bureau was founded by Andrew Vine, who has worked virtually his entire career in the Asia Pacific region, a veteran in developing advisory businesses and client programmes. He spent 13 years based in Singapore with The Economist Group where he developed CEO peer group forums, Government Roundtables and other international business conferences as well as custom thought leadership programmes within the Economist Intelligence Unit.



It was the early 90s, event budgets were big and stages were filled with former heads of state and retired Olympians. Gail Davis was leading events at one of the world’s largest corporations, Electronic Data Systems (EDS, now Hewlett Packard Enterprise). After a hugely successful event, she was sitting with the CEO discussing the event. The keynote had been a former president. The CEO said, “That was good, but next year, find someone that nobody’s ever heard of but no one would forget hearing from.”

Talk about a challenge. Then one evening she was watching the movie “Alive”. She decided to search for Nando Parrado, the main subject of the movie. After calling the bureaus on her Rolodex, she was told he was either dead or spoke no English. “Wouldn’t a head of state or an Olympian be better?”, they wondered. Fast-forward through research and phone calls across South America, Gail convinced an Uruguayan named Nando Parrado to come speak for the first time about his experiences. His story at the time had been made famous by the movie Alive.

The event was unbelievable. People were more than moved, they were inspired by his story. It was a home run. Two years later, Gail took a bold step. She left a successful 20-year career and launched Gail Davis & Associates. She only had one speaker on her roster: Nando Parrado. Gail wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue managing events, just manage Nando, or grow a large company. One thing she knew for sure: her experience as a corporate event planner led her to create a new model of serving clients and selecting speakers.

GDA Speakers is more than a speakers bureau. It’s a service and a trusted partnership with their clients. Almost two decades later, GDA Speakers has built a database of world-renowned thought leaders. They have vetted those speakers and curated a number of highly qualified speakers who they trust and deliver with confidence to their clients.


Right Selection has a 28 years+ track record of being instrumental in transforming more than a million lives in the Middle East and Indo-Asia-Pacific regions, while inviting global experts of true wisdom to share their vision, exquisite insights, exceptional experiences and success stories with breathtaking clarity. They are indeed privileged to be standing on the shoulders of these “giants” and highly grateful to them for being available to their esteemed community of passionate learners who are pursuing greatness while aspiring to create future leaders who can take their organization to even greater heights.

Through their “ Speakers Management” division, they are connected to an elite group of high class international motivational speakers and thought leaders whom you can invite in order to inspire your team towards greater success and a more fulfilling career. Each of their speakers will add a touch of class (high-caliber speeches) that in turn will elevate your event.



Meet Speakers helps companies cope with the key challenges of modern business faster and more efficiently, to be at the peak of trends and out of competition due to experts from different fields and different formats of training.



In the past 20 years The Sweeneuy Agency have reviewed over 16,000 Speakers and picked the top 750 to list on their website. Their speakers come from two main sources:

  • Research: They have a research team constantly looking at the latest Speakers on the circuit. Before they add any Speaker to our site, they review their references, their backgrounds and make sure they are committed to delivering outstanding results for their clients.
  • Clients: They have a network of 3200 clients who have been booking speakers for 10-15 years and are their eyes and ears at thousands of events annually.



With offices in Mexico and Colombia, Smart Speakers covers the American continent bringing the brightest minds to companies and institutions looking for an outstanding figure for their business events and conferences. More than 900 speakers from a large number of disciplines collaborate with Smart Speakers International: renowned figures of business thought, economic and political analysts, gurus of digital transformation and new technologies, famous athletes, personal motivators, leadership and teamwork, among many others.


Chartwell was established as a top speaker speakers agency in London in 2007. Since then they have placed thought leaders and motivational speakers at thousands of events and conferences around the world, and expanded to offices in the US and Asia. Their vision is to continue to represent extraordinary individuals for events and conferences, and to be a source of world changing ideas and insights to opinion formers everywhere.



Since 1992, BCC Speakers is the first International Speakers’ Bureau who has actively promoted the most outstanding personalities of the Spanish speaking world, their commitment promoting experiences and knowledge, using the Spanish language as a vehicle has positioned them the leading bureau in Spain and Latin America. In these years of hard work they have maintained the constant incorporation of personalities and experts in all the areas of human knowledge. At the moment, BCC Speakers works with the most outstanding international specialists, which allow them to attend the needs of our clients on different themes that the market demands and all over the world.



At SpeakInc, their job is to make your job easier. The first step in finding the right speaker is working with someone who listens. Your time is precious and your event is looming. You need a speaker who will wow, and a partner you can trust. One who hears you—with an unbiased ear and fast answers whenever you need them. A reliable go-to who understands your needs and will make sure your event is THE event.

SpeakInc! get it—choosing the right speaker is a make or break proposition. The weight is on your shoulders: planning, managing and making a difference at your organization. And when it’s time to plan an event, you have to be in high gear from inception through the closing session. Being one of the acclaimed American speakers bureaus, they know that it can be a thankless task. One that only gets attention when something isn’t perfect.  They completely understand the pressures you face. At SpeakInc, their job is to make your job easier.


Eagles Talent collaborates with meeting professionals to create an experience for attendees. They focus on inspiring, educating and entertaining audiences to enable new ideas and create positive change. Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is a full-service speakers bureaus staffed with the industry’s most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals to create a lasting experience for event attendees. In addition to the thousands of presenters in their internal database, their affiliations and worldwide contacts give them access to all available keynote speakers (on wide-ranging subjects, such as: innovation, diversity, technology, leadership, marketing, sales), authors, trainers, sports, celebrities, media personalities and headline entertainers.

Your event is an investment to develop better leaders, teams, and culture, and they take that seriously. More than 40 years of experience helping meeting professionals select thousands of speakers has enabled them to determine who is relevant, who will tailor their material, who is good on the platform, and who will be best suited for your group. The impact of a fabulous entertainer or take-home value from a tremendous speaker will have a longer lasting impact than even the greatest event meal. The speaker or entertainer leaves the most lasting impression. That’s why choosing the right speakers bureau is as crucial as selecting the right speaker — both can make you shine.


They are a truly international speakers bureau with speakers located around the world in USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Africa. They provide motivational, keynote and public speakers for your event. Their speakers are consistently traveling to events while we arrange all the details to ensure a successful engagement. Their clients are large corporations, non-profit organizations, PR agencies and public institutions that expect from the Global Speakers Bureau to make their events successful, valuable and instructive.


Key Speakers is ready and eager to support your speaker selection process from the get-go. Their small, women-owned and operated business puts all hands on deck to make your vision a reality. Finding the best-suited keynote speaker for your conference should not be a time-consuming headache—leave it to them! Their extensive resource library, comprehensive research capabilities, and industry network enable them to locate even the most difficult to find talent. They love what they do and thrive on client satisfaction over all else. Founded by enterprising women in 1994, Key Speakers Bureau has remained committed to service. Their goal is to make you the star of your event.


The Speakers Group is your gateway to a selection of the world’s best speakers, experts and thought leaders — each unique, but each united by a mission to help people live better lives, build better businesses and create amazing events.

While some speakers bureaus feature more than 8,000 speakers on their roster, The Speakers Group feature fewer than 300. Sure, they have access to virtually any speaker available today, but they have chosen to align our efforts with this select group whom they believe in and support in getting their messages and their expertise to more people and more organizations — how could we confidently recommend any other speaker to you?

Their clients include meeting planners and executives from corporations, associations, healthcare institutions, universities and other organizations who value their expertise, friendliness and reliability in securing dynamic speakers for their most important meetings and conferences.


As a leading international speaker bureau, Speakers Corner recommend over 7500 keynote speakers, motivational speakers, after dinner speakers, awards hosts, conference facilitators and comedians for over 1000 events a year. Their team of experts pride themselves on providing a premium booking and consultancy service to clients.

When MD Nick Gold joined in 2004, Speakers Corner was a small family business. He immediately started cultivating a vision of turning it from its fledgling position in the after dinner entertainment world, into a leading international speaker bureau. With masses of optimism; bucketloads of coffee, and a world of determination to grow the business, he employed some clever and hardworking people; rented an office, and suddenly it became a reality. Speakers were coming on board, clients were showing an interest…and they were off!

By the time his brother Tim came on board as director in 2007, the business was competing with the top speaker bureaux in the country. Now a thriving, growing company, the skilled team has over 40 years of industry experience and an expansive knowledge of the best international motivational speakers, after dinner speakers, conference facilitators, keynote speakers and awards hosts.

Working with speakers from politics, sport, business, TV and comedy, Speakers Corner provides genuinely impartial advice on the ideal speaker. They don’t manage anyone exclusively and we will only recommend those who fit the bill perfectly. They plan and manage the negotiations, contracts and logistics, and go above and beyond to make the process seamless and the event a success.


The Limelight Group delivers inspiring speakers and show-stopping entertainment. They fill the LimeLight! Anything that happens on stage or behind a podium is the space they play in.


You can find a list of more top speaker bureaus at the International Association of Speaker Bureaus website.

Keynote speaker James Taylor is proud to be represented by some of the top speaker bureaus and top speaker agencies around the world.

Top Speaker Bureaus
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