Validating Your Music

In this post we talk about the importance of validating what you are doing with your music.

If you missed the first video in the series you can find it here.

Video Highlights:

0:06 – Validating your music
0:26 – Connecting with your audience
0:36 – Two types of Validation
1:04 – Live shows and EP’s

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Hi, its’s James Taylor from Gigs Academy here.

Stage 2 – Validation

Stage two is all about Validation. The idea of validating what you are doing. I’m not necessarily saying validation in a commercial sense. It doesn’t always mean that. What you are trying to do is get validation that there is interest in the music that you are creating. There is no point in trying to push to these other stages until you have a sense that your music is connecting in some way with your target audience.

How to measure if your music is connecting?

There are two ways to measure Validation. The first is money; people are paying the tickets to go to your shows or they are buying those downloads. The second one is attention; you are getting a lot of likes on your Facebook page, you are getting followers, you are maybe getting initial coverage for you and your music. Those are the two ways you can track interest.

Live Shows and EP’s

At this point in your career you are probably starting to do more shows. In the Explore Stage you were doing your first shows and demos but at the Validation Stage you are starting to take it up a level. You are adding more shows now, you may be releasing your first EP. You are not looking for it to sell a million copies but you are wanting to find out if the music you are putting out there is being validated in the market. Do people like what you are doing? At this point you also want to find out if your music is connecting with your target audience. There is no point starting to ramp up and move if what you are doing isn’t connecting. If people aren’t coming to you and feeling really strong about what you are doing then you are not getting a sense of validation. That’s Stage 2.

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If you missed the first video in the series you can find it here.


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