Webinar with Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker

Rick Barker Webinar

A few days ago, we sent out a special invitation for the free webinar I’m running with Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker. Turns out the demand for the information we’re sharing is HUGE. We weren’t trying to keep anyone out – SORRY if you tried to join when we ran out of places.

Well here’s some GREAT news: we just opened another 400 spots! So here’s your chance to join us….

Over the last 30 years, Rick and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in launching new albums by our artists.

We’re doing a live webinar on Wednesday, November 13th 2013 @ 2:00pm EST to share the 8 must-know steps for launching your next album. We’re also going to show you how to avoid the classic mistakes musicians make when they release their new albums, announce a tour or a crowdfunding campaign.

You can reserve your spot.

Rick Barker Webinar
















Here’s a small taste of what Rick and I will be sharing with you:

*        The 8 essential steps for making your next album launch a hit.
*        The album launch that works EVERY time.
*        How to AVOID the classic mistakes.
*        The secret to AUTOMATING your marketing.

We’ve re-opened this webinar to another 400 attendees. You must reserve your place now to secure your place and get your webinar call & login information.


rick-barker-150x150Rick is a Nashville-based personal manager, marketing consultant and founder of Music Industry Blueprint.  During his career he was fortunate to have been involved in some amazing careers including Superstar Taylor Swift. After a 15 year career in radio, Rick moved over to the Record Company side in 2004 after accepting a job with Big Machine Records. He developed a unique touring model which helped create opportunities for recently signed artists with or without a National Radio Single to get in front of audiences, it was called ‘Nashville To You’. The concept was no matter where you lived in the country they would bring Nashville To You. Some of the first acts Rick took out were Sugarland, Josh Turner and Rodney Atkins.

Rick’s philosophy is based on getting your product in front of an audience and putting your career into your own hands.

Pollstar interviewed Taylor Swift in 2007, when the 17-year-old was celebrating her first gold album. She was managed by Rick Barker, previously the West Coast rep for Big Machine. Barker told Pollstar that he told Swift that if she wanted to sell 500,000 albums, she would need to meet 500,000 people. “He was the first one to ever say that to me and it sunk in,” Swift said. “I literally had a Top 10 single and no manager. We held off for a while because we kept saying, ‘Oh well, we’ll get this song to Top 30 and then we’ll be able to get a better manager. Oh, we’ll get this song Top 20 and then we’ll get a really good manager.’ Then we started realizing that we’re doing this whole thing ourselves.”


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