Welcome to Supercreativity TV

Welcome to Supercreativity TV

Hi, my name is James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence and the founder of SuperCreativityU, you and your host here at SuperCreativity TV


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So let me first tell you about how we got started here on SuperCreativity TV. Around 2013. I was living in working in London, and I was working at the time involved in a job building a company, a startup, an education startup, and we were really long days. And in order to kind of give myself some mental release and some mental pleasure in the evenings, I would be going home and I’d be reading books about a topic I’m passionate about, which is creativity, especially creativity is released innovation and the future of work. 

So I’m reading these books every night, and I think they are reading and thinking, wow, this is an amazing idea. Or I’d be reading an academic paper on ethics. Wow, why don’t more people not know about this, this could really help improve the quality of people’s creative work. So what I decided to do is, each evening, I would just sit down in my study, and I would just film like I’m filming just now and share an idea, something I’d learned. For me, it gave me the ability to help me really internalize this wisdom and this knowledge that I was learning from these writers and these thinkers. And it then allowed me to share it more widely. 

And what was interesting is by doing that every single week, and being consistent, we started noticing that some of these videos got a lot of views. And some of the videos now are used by educational institutions and companies use them in their training, which is fantastic, which is amazing to see. 


New SuperCreativity TVSo every week I was creating these videos, and as time went on the form of them changed. In fact, it wasn’t even called SuperCreativityTV at the start, I think we call it Creative Life TV right at the start, it might not even have a name at the beginning. But that was fine. Things evolved and things adapt. Now, more recently, I decided to make a little bit of change in how we were doing these and, and really kind of bring it all together in this idea of SuperCreativity is a term that I really kind of defined, and can create. And I speak about now as a keynote speaker. 

What Is SuperCreativity?

And what is SuperCreativity? Well as I define it, it’s really about being able to develop your own human creativity to the highest levels possible. And this can take different forms. It can be around creativity, skills training. And much of this is built upon other great theorists and academics when it comes to creativity, skills, training, something that goes back many, many decades. Other parts of it is really around team creativity, how we collaborate, how we can great create great work as a team. And other parts of it is really around what we call peer creativity. So this is about how you build a community around ideas around your particular discipline or your field or your industry. Maybe you and you in the 1920s you had the French Cylons and Paris were Hemingway and Picasso would get together to debate and discuss ideas. In ancient Greece, you had the symposiums where the philosophers and the merchants and the thinkers would get together to do exactly the same thing. So this is where you develop your own ideas and your creativity and, and battle, test your ideas by getting the feedback of your peers. .

And finally, the third part is this idea of augmented creativity. And really, this is SuperCreativity as well, where we can augment our human creativity with exponential technologies like AI, like machine learning, machine learning, like robotics, for example. And this is a really exciting area of development in the world of creativity. So that’s broadly what SuperCreativity is this idea of individual creativity, creative thinking skills, team creativity, collaboration, the idea of pure creativity. And then finally, this idea of SuperCreativity, augmented creativity, where you’re adding on you as the human, but you’re adding on these exponential technologies to allow you to do work, which is even more creative than you could have done on your own as a human. 

Who is it for?

Now, that’s kind of what SuperCreativity is about. Now, Who is it for? Who is this who de create this channel for? Well, initially, I just kind of created it for me to get started. And I thought if there’s maybe one other person like me that enjoys listening and watching to this in this information then great, fantastic. Now we’ve had hundreds of 1000s people, what do you do in the millions now I think they’ve gone through some of the videos. So that’s really fantastic to see. And I would say that it is a mixture of people that enjoy these videos and watch some of these training. 

The first is those creative professionals are out there. They’re doing some type of creative work in a more traditional sense or maybe the creative industry so this could be designers, architects, musicians, performers, actors,

You know, people within Word of marketing advertising, for example, that’s a core part of our audience. 

But then we have another part of the audience whose creativity is something that they do for their soul, not necessarily for their profession as such. So maybe they’re in the world of crafting, for example, maybe they, they have a day job that they do. And they do this, what kind of what they consider more creative stuff on the side creative projects. And that actually feeds into their work. So it helps add a different dimension to the work that they do. 

And then we have a lot of my audience really watch a lot of these who are from the world of the corporate world. And they’re in sales, they’re in marketing, they’re in finance, their operations, they’re in technology in the tech side HR. And for them, it’s a thing that they’re probably many of you most interested in is how we can really level up the creative capacities and capabilities of the people in the organization breaking down silos. And that’s because they want to increase innovation, accelerate innovation, improve the productivity in their organization, help their people adapt to all the changes going on, and frankly, to do better creative work, because what we’re seeing now more than ever, is people want to work in creative organizations. 

And the final part, which is the channel was not really created initially for this is for those who are involved in education. And that could be educators, it could be facilitators are training, who want to use some of these ideas to add to their education of their students, of the people that they serve with their trainers, maybe to add some of these elements into the work that they do. 

So regardless of how you come to this, I just want to thank you for joining us here. I really hope you enjoy the videos that we have here at SuperCreativity TV. I would love it if you could subscribe, you know, just to the channel. I would love it if you could leave comments. And what would bring me so much joy is if you could just share with other people maybe you have other people and what you do you think they should check out a particular video, just share that video with them just now. But however you came here, and for whatever reason, you came here to watch these videos, I want to thank you. Hopefully, this provides you lots of value. If you want to learn more about the work we do at SuperCreativityU just go to Jamestaylor.me and have all the information about SuperCreativityU are training, as well as my work as a keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence. So thanks for joining us. Thanks for subscribing and enjoy the videos.

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