Which Colors Increase Creativity

Which Colors Increase Creativity

Which Colors Increase Creativity

In today’s episode of the James Taylor Show, we ask the question “which colors increase creativity?”

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Today, I’m in the bedouin tent in the Saudi Arabian Desert, I want to talk to you about the importance of colors and how they can affect your creativity.

The reason I’m here is I’m actually speaking for a client here this morning. And something that was interesting,

I noticed with the clients, brand causes the color green.

And it reminded me that there’s some research done a few years ago by the University of Berlin and University of British Columbia.

And they looked at which colors of the best color to have around you, if you’re looking to generate ideas, and the research came across that it was the color green.

So if you want to come up with more ideas have that color green around you.

It’s one of the reasons we get some of our best ideas when we’re out in nature, walking around so how can you get more that color green in your life?

Can you get more plants in your office in your house?

Can you go out for more walk and talk meetings?

creativity blueprint

creativity blueprint

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