CL235: The Future Of Marketing And General Adversarial Networks – Interview with William Ammerman

William Ammerman
William Ammerman is Executive Vice President of Digital Media at Engaged Media Inc. and has previously held leadership positions with Tribune Media, Hearst Television, and Capitol Broadcasting. Over his career, he has managed digital advertising for hundreds of television stations and their websites, mobile apps, and connected platforms. His latest book is called The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age Of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning. It delves into the future of marketing in the age of AI.


In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:14 – Hyper personalisation
  • 4:15 – A machine that persuades us
  • 8:20 – Dumb hotel rooms
  • 9:26 – OCEAN personality traits
  • 11:15 – Machine learning
  • 11:59 – Google as the world’s largest focus group
  • 13:03 – Mass customisation
  • 14:07 – Voice user interface
  • 17:52 – Natural language generation
  • 20:58 – GAN – General Adversarial Network
  • 21:09 – Creating and Judging algorithms
  • 23:41 – Singapore model
  • 27:46 – China’s social credit system
  • 36:22 – Psychotechnology

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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