The Wall Street Journal feature top virtual MC James Taylor

Top Virtual MC in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has published an in-depth feature article on top virtual MC James Taylor and how his work, and that of other virtual emcees, is saving company morale.

Top Virtual MC in Wall Street Journal

The role of the emcee or MC is to ensure an event runs smoothly. As the article says, “the best MC’s have a certain flair, holding the audience’s attention with humor and finesse.”

It goes onto say:

“Now that remote functions have become the norm, many MC’s have ventured into new territory: entertaining viewers in the virtual space. But without the energy of an audience, the job can be harder.

James Taylor, an international keynote speaker and virtual MC based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has learned a few tricks since he started hosting virtual events in 2016. He likens shifting from live to virtual events to an actor moving from performing in a theater to the silver screen.

“You’re using your eyes much more. You’re using your facial movements, smaller body movements a lot more. You have to bring in things like behavioral psychology, communication techniques,” Mr. Taylor says. It’s why he films from the waist up when he hosts events: Showing the audience his hands helps him build trust a lot quicker, he says.”

As a virtual host, panel moderator and podcast host James Taylor has interviewed over 750 CEO’s, celebrities, New York Times bestselling authors, speakers, academics and experts including Jack Canfield, Sally Hogshead, Steve Wozniak and Guy Kawasaki.

His clients have included Globant, Sony, CISCO, EY, Accenture, Cisco, McDonalds, Red Hat, TATA, VISA and many more.

Read the full article on Virtual Emcee James Taylor in The Wall Street Journal here.



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