The 100 Creations Rule

100 creations rule

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How do you discover what kind of creative work you want to focus on?

There is a piece of advice I heard recently for aspiring authors. That they should try writing in the style of 100 famous authors. So one one day you might try writing in the short direct style of Hemingway while on another you experiment using complex prose in the manner of Umberto Eco. In the process of writing in these different styles you’ll discover what you really like, what speaks to you.

Perhaps you know that you have something to say creatively but you don’t yet know what medium you want to say it in. So here is my suggestion. Try creating in 100 different ways. Pick up the paintbrush or pencil and see how it feels to express your ideas on paper. Pick up a guitar or mandolin and find out if you enjoy expressing your creativity that way. Bring that wok out of the cupboard and experiment with the culinary arts or use your creativity to brainstorm on a product that the world needs.

I remember when I decided I wanted to inspire others to become more creative. At first I built an artist management company to express my ideas through others. Then I started blogging but quickly found out I didn’t enjoy that medium very much. Next I tried filming video and loved how I could express myself in a more improvisational way. This then took me on the path to creating video based online courses and giving keynote talks. I found the mediums that worked for me to express my ideas and make an impact in the world.

So try your own version of my 100 creations rule. Use the coming weeks and months to express yourself using as many different ways as possible to find what truly works for you. What you may discover is that rather than having a lack of creative confidence what was really going on was that you needed to find your creative medium to express your message to the world.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 100 Creations Rule
  • Creating using different mediums
  • Expressing yourself in different creative forms
  • Creative confidence

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