CL106: Brian Meeks on mastering Amazon ads and self-publishing

Brian Meeks

Brian Meeks likes to tell a story. He is a US based author who writes mysteries, thrillers and science fiction as well as non-fiction titles about the business of being an Indie author. You’d never guess then that he hated writing until January 2nd, 2010. It was on that day that he wrote a blog piece which attracted within 24 hours a respectable 300 views and 25 positive comments. This provided the spark he needed and since then he’s written over 1500 blog posts, 3 fiction books and 13 novels including his successful Henry Wood Detective Series. He also has a new book out with a former Creative Life podcast guest, Honoree Corder which is called ‘The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Making More Money.”

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Mastering Amazon ads
  • Using Amazon Advertising platform
  • Data analytics as a writer
  • BookBub
  • KPI’s for self-published authors
  • Knowing your conversion rates
  • Writing to market
  • Chunking down your writing sessions
  • A panster to a plotter
  • Making $7,000 a month from self-publishing
  • Writing at night
  • Blocking your writing time
  • Co-creation of books
  • The self-publishing business
  • How many data analysts work at big book publishers
  • Brian’s $60,000 mistake
  • Elmore Leonard
  • Productivity hacks for writers
  • Building your list
  • Starting a blog as a writer
  • Writing 3-4 books quickly

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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