A Cool Job for a Drummer

For a drummer and technology geek it’s probably one of the coolest jobs you can have.  Assemble a dream team of the world’s greatest drummers and percussionist and launch an innovative online drum academy.

filming with Billy Cobham (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock)
filming with Billy Cobham (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock)

I work at ArtistWorks, the award-winning company behind the forthcoming ArtistWorks Drum Academy, Billy Cobham School of Drums, Thomas Lang School of Drums and Luis Conte School of Percussion.  Like many drummers I have lots (and I mean lots) of DVDs, videos and books on how to improve your drumming.  As a kid I remember spending countless hours watching DCI and Hudson videos by Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and Steve Gadd’s Tuition videos and analyzing every paradiddle, fill and groove.  The Buddy Rich snare drum rudiments book was my bible and I spent many an hour with just a pair of Vic Firth 5A sticks, a battered drum pad and that book.  Then a friend suggested I check out Billy Cobham’s Spectrum album! Any drummer worth their salt can tell you the first time they heard that album.  It still remains one of the most important albums for the progression of drumming as an art form.

Fast forward 15 years later.  This year my team and I set the challenge of putting together the ArtistWorks Drum Academy, and as our company is full of drummers it was a pretty exciting project for all involved.  My team and……..


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