Lessons from the Music Industry

My good friend Richard Curran at the British School in Tokyo asked me to film a video about life in the music industry for his class of students.  I wanted to try and get across to them the breadth of careers in this industry while at the same time having them focus on skills and entrepreneurial spirit as a way to get ahead.  It also made me think of my own development in this business and the number of roles I’ve had to fulfill over the years so I could learn more about how it worked.  Here are just some of the things I’ve done within the music industry; professional musician, nightclub promoter, tour manager, record label owner, music publisher, booking agent, artist manager, record producer, film director, festival director and now I work with a technology company that is revolutionising music education online.  Anyway hope you enjoy the video and it would be great to hear your journey in the music industry


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