CL043: Entrepreneur Aaron Walker on the value of Masterminds and giving

Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is a Nashville based entrepreneur, coach and founder of Aaron started the first of his eight businesses when he was only 18 years old and by the time he was 27 he had sold it to a Fortune 500 company. Today he helps men who want to live a life of success and significance and he does this through personal coaching, online courses and mastermind groups.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Aaron tells us about facilitating his 7 mastermind groups and his book entitled “View From The Top”. Aaron also shares with us how he fell in love with the process of the mastermind group, when he was invited by Dave Ramsey. This was Aaron’s biggest game changer.

“We gotta have something to do that is meaningful and purposeful.”

“If you’re building your business to quit, stop doing that. You need to build your business to grow a business that can make more money.”

– Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker Show Notes:

  • The power of the mastermind group (1:38)
  • The role of the trusted advisor and coach (5:36)
  • Finding his purpose after selling his first business (6:12)
  • Building relationships intentionally (14:00)
  • Giving video testimonials (16:37)
  • LinkedIn Recommendations (17:01)
  • Being the Energizer Bunny (18:57)

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