CL044: Mark Kern on the creative process of video games creation and WOW

Mark Kern is a video games industry veteran who had been making games all of his life. After graduating from law school he founded his first games company which worked with Blizzard Entertainment. Mark is perhaps best known for being team lead on the massively successful World of Warcraft game as well as working on other classic titles including Diablo and Starcraft. In 2012 he founded the League for Gamers as a response to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and today its members include avid games who promote positive gaming, good sportsmanship, research, and advocacy for their hobby.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Mark talks about revisiting one of his old games which is World Of Warcraft. He tells us how the demographic of female gamers playing World of Warcraft has grown and shares with us his process on creating games and his bad experience working with firefall.

“Show don’t tell.”

– Mark Kern

 Mark Kern Show Notes:

  • The creative process of games design (6:15)`
  • Building a minimum viable product (7:40)
  • The importance of audience participation (8:18)
  • Vegan Death Metal Chef and The Long Tail Effect (14:33)
  • Niche games (15:35)
  • Tabletop Gaming (17:24)
  • Virtual Reality Gaming (19:59)
  • The rising cost of games (21:59)
  • The punk philosophy of gaming (24:05)

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