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In the ever-evolving world of food, staying ahead of the curve is essential. For event professionals and agencies seeking a keynote speaker who is deeply entrenched in the latest food industry trends, innovation, and creativity, James Taylor is the ideal choice. Recently in Austin, Texas, Taylor shared his valuable insights with the global company Puratos, leaving the audience astounded by the possibilities that lie ahead in food technology and sustainability.

Precision Fermentation: The Future of Food Production

Taylor delved into the groundbreaking work of Solar Foods, a Finnish company tasked with the lofty goal of creating food in space. He highlighted their creation – Solein, a flour made through precision fermentation with 70% protein, positioning it as a beacon for sustainable food production. This pioneering technology significantly minimizes land use, potentially allowing the world to be fed on a land area the size of London.

Accelerating Innovation with Precision Formulation

Exploring the realm of precision formulation, Taylor discussed the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on food innovation. This technology accelerates the creation and testing of new recipes, ingredients, and formulations, propelling the industry into new horizons of sustainability and efficiency.

Embrace Sustainability with Perennial Crops

In his talk, Taylor also shed light on the advancement in perennial crops. This innovation, 40 years in the making, promises a sustainable future where food crops contribute to carbon sequestration, requiring significantly less fertilizer, and promoting overall environmental health.

Why Choose James Taylor for Your Next Event

Beyond sharing the latest industry trends and technological advancements, Taylor's presentations offer a clear path towards practical application and real-world impact. As the world grapples with significant issues such as food waste, Taylor brings forth innovative solutions, as evidenced by his discussion on Dubai's pioneering efforts in reducing food waste.

For your next event, choose a speaker who not only informs but also inspires and drives change. James Taylor's comprehensive knowledge of food industry trends, coupled with his engaging and accessible speaking style, makes him a top choice for event professionals and agencies worldwide. Engage your audience with insights into the future of food and innovation, ensuring your event is not just memorable, but also a catalyst for positive industry transformation.


Hey, I am James Taylor, a passionate advocate and keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends with a particular focus on "AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation." Today, I share my insights from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where I recently engaged with the team from Puratos, a leading name in baking and chocolate products.

At an event set against the scenic backdrop of Cedar Creek, just a breath away from Austin, I conversed about the ground-breaking changes AI and Machine Learning are bringing in Food Innovation. Puratos, whose products fill the shelves of countless stores and supermarkets, assembled their elite clientele to delve into the future of the food industry.

My discussion prominently highlighted "AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation", starting with precision fermentation. I introduced the work of a Finnish company, Solar Foods, which leverages this technology to create a flour called Solein. This flour, rich in protein, fats, fibers, and minerals, is a product of precise AI and machine learning applications. The innovative procedure significantly minimizes the land used for agriculture, presenting a sustainable alternative for global food production.

I emphasized the remarkable contributions of AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation through another concept, precision formulation. This technology uses AI to enhance the innovation labs' work, expediting the traditionally slow process of creating new recipes. The use of AI and machine learning algorithms allows for the development and testing of diverse recipes, ingredients, and formulations, evaluating their sustainability, taste, and other aspects without the need for physical production.

Additionally, the concept of perennial crops was part of the discussion. AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation also play a crucial role here, promoting sustainable agriculture. Perennial crops, supported by AI technology, reduce the need for repetitive tilling and lessen the usage of fertilizers, nitrogen, and phosphates, contributing positively to our environment.

This engaging event, attended by a network of major food retailers and production companies from across the US, was a platform to share innovative solutions to contemporary challenges in the food industry. The implementation of AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation provides innovative approaches for addressing food waste, a significant concern in commercial kitchens. I shared noteworthy examples from Dubai, showcasing the practical application of AI and machine learning in minimizing food waste.

In the sweltering heat of Austin, Texas, our exploration into the impactful role of AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation affirmed the promising future of the food industry. As I travel onward to Memphis, Orlando, Abu Dhabi, and Barcelona, I invite you to join me on this journey. Subscribe and follow along to remain updated on the transformative impact of AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation. Here, from Austin, Texas, I am James Taylor, extending my gratitude for your attention and inviting you to explore the realm of AI and Machine Learning in Food Innovation with me.

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