CL082: Andy McKee on guitar and creative retreats

Andy McKee

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk with guitarist, composer and YouTube star Andy McKee on creative retreats. Andy first came to prominence via YouTube and his version of ‘Drifting’ has had over 54 million views and he is perhaps best known for his use of alternative tunings, tapping, percussive hits and two-handed techniques. In 2012 he was asked by Dream Theater to open their Asian tour before joining Prince’s band for a series of shows in Australia. Meanwhile as an educator he holds an annual Musicarium guitar camp each year in upstate New York and has been featured in all the major guitar publications.

Andy McKee’s ‘Creative Retreats’ Show Notes:

  • Preston Reed
  • Altered Tunings
  • Michael Hedges
  • Don Ross
  • Eric Roche

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