Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Skills Training

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Skills Training

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Are we entering a new creative age?

Chances are you’ve probably already heard about some of the different ways in which artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning are changing how we live and work.

Change can be both scary and exciting at the same time. Change brings both dangers and opportunities.

Indeed a recent reports by McKinsey and Company forecast that nearly half of all work we do today will be automated by 2055. And within the next 10 years automation technology will take over tasks currently being performed by 250 million knowledge workers worldwide.

We are undergoing what is sometimes referred to as a period of ‘creative destruction’. Today 4 out of 5 senior executives fear that new technologies will make their businesses obsolete.

Now this also presents an opportunity. More people than ever before will be freed from doing routine tasks so they can devote their time and energy to more creative projects and pursuits.

I believe that the kind of exponential technology we are seeing is ushering in a new creative age. But it requires that we invest and develop that most human of skills….namely our creativity.

But here is the problem. When I speak at global conferences most people tell me that they recognize creativity is an essential skill in their business. Yet when I ask audiences to raise their hands if they believe themselves to be creative, the majority of people in the room don’t raise their hands. Indeed studies have shown that 60% of people do not consider themselves creative. So they do not believe that they possess the ONE skill that will allow them to compete and thrive in this new creative age. That’s a problem.

But it gets worse. Only a tiny fraction of companies and organizations are investing in creativity skills training for their people. They are not reskilling their workforce at this critical point in history.

The ones that are developing a creative culture, providing creativity skills training and putting in place processes for innovation will thrive in this new creative age. They’ll be able to use the new technologies to augment the creative minds of their people.

So if you are a leader or manager ask yourself this question. How are you equipping your organization and your people for this new creative age?

How are you ensuring that you will still be relevant?

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Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Skills Training?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The New Creative Age
  • McKinsey and Company Study on Creativity
  • Creative Destruction
  • Global Conferences
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Creativity Skills Training

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