CL180: Why Makers Are The Future Of Advertising – Interview with Brandon Rochon

Brandon Rochon
Brandon Rochon has spent his life building some of the world’s most loved brands. He started his career on the hard streets of Madison Ave. where he worked on Hennessy, Lugz Shoes, and Sapporo Beer, then spent time in NYC before he picked up and moved to Europe where he joined the award-winning TBWA/Paris and worked on brands like Absolut Vodka, McDonalds, PlayStation, Heineken and Nissan. Then it was off to Ogilvy Paris where he became the Global Creative Director of Coke Zero, while working on other brands such as Louis Vuitton and Perrier. And finally, back to the US as the SVP, Global Creative Director of Samsung Electronics, helping usher the brand into the pop-cultural icon it has become to date. Currently Brandon is Managing Chief Creative Officer at Kastner & Partners, AOR for Red Bull.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 3:30 – Learning the rules of advertising
  • 4:26 – 90% is passion
  • 5:05 – The art and craft of storytelling
  • 6:13 – Why Red Bull is really a media company
  • 7:46 – Your brand as a platform
  • 8:41 – Turning consumers into fans
  • 10:05 – It’s all about collaboration
  • 10:48 – Elevating your fans
  • 15:10 – You can’t put creativity in a corner
  • 16:02 – How to foster creative competition
  • 17:22 – Challenging the process
  • 18:06 – Finding universal truths
  • 19:03 – The 4P’s of Advertising
  • 22:20 – Ideas Win
  • 25:48 – Building a great creative team
  • 27:50 – From creating to making
  • 28:19 – The future of advertising
  • 31:28 – Snackable, Stackable

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