CL181: Tips For Successful Photoshoots – Interview with Marina Barayeva

Marina Barayeva
Marina Barayeva is an international portrait photographer based in Beijing, China. In 2017 she started the Marketing for Creatives podcast, a show where she brings photographers and other creatives together to share their knowledge on marketing. Always busy with creative projects, she organized and hosted an online conference Lady-Photographer, a charity fashion show called ‘New Year Queen’ and was a part of the Art Project for Beijing Design Week.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:31 – The importance of passion in your creative work
  • 8:06 – Different types of photoshoots
  • 9:23 – How to get the most from a photoshoot
  • 11:44 – John DeMato
  • 12:42 – Style guides for women
  • 14:28 – Creative communities in China
  • 16:38 – Beijing artistic community
  • 18:12 – Starting an online photography school

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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