Can I Be Your Creativity Coach?

Can I Be Your Creativity Coach?

This is a slightly unusual episode of The Creative Life TV Show as I have just decided to open up my coaching program again and become the creativity coach for six new clients.

You see, every day I am contacted by creatives from around the world who ask me if I would coach them. Usually, I have had to say no because I was already working 1-on-1 with a number of clients. These clients are aspiring and professional musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and designers so if this sounds like you, you can now apply for one of the six limited places to join my coaching program by going to

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‘Creativity Coach’ Show Notes:

  • What is creativity coaching
  • Creativity Coach
  • How best to unlock your creativity
  • How to find your path and your strategy
  • New ways to market and monetize your creativity


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Hey, it’s James Taylor here. This is a slightly unusual episode of The Creative Life, because you know with The Creative Life I either share with you the latest strategies, tips, and techniques around creativity, or interviews with some of the world’s top creatives. In this one, I have a special announcement for you.

You see, every day I’m contacted by creatives from around the world who ask me if I would be willing to do one-on-one coaching with them. Unfortunately, I have to say no the vast, vast majority of the time. If you don’t know my background, I’ve had the good opportunity and the good fortune of being able to coach and consult with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors to Grammy-Award winning and platinum-selling music artists, to high-tech entrepreneurs.

Normally, I haven’t had my coaching program up, opened up to the public, but this is what I’ve decided to do this year. I’m going to be taking on six, only six, new coaching clients this year. If you’d like to apply to be one of those, to be considered to be one of those coaching clients, just go to

Now, the people that usually come to me and ask me for consulting or coaching, either they’re people who are just getting started, maybe it’s yourself, you’re just getting started on your creative journey. You’re trying to figure out how to do it and how best to unlock your creativity, and how to find your path and your strategy. Maybe you’ve been going for a while, you maybe have a creative career in some form, but you’ve either hit a plateau on it, or things aren’t just really moving, and you want to kind of accelerate that growth. Maybe you’re very, very successful in what you already do. Many of the artists I work with and the creatives I work with have already achieved great success at what they’re doing, and what they’re looking for is new ways to market and monetize their creativity.

My thing, really, is to help you unlock your creativity and help you to monetize and market that creativity. If you’re interested in becoming one of my coaching clients, and being considered to become one of the coaching clients, please go to, and there’s an application form for you to fill out there.


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