Classical music lessons for the 99%

Excited to announce that anyone interested in learning classical music online can now do so for a fraction of the cost of attending one of the big music schools. ArtistWorks just launched four online classical music schools in one day!  It’s now possible to get flute lessons from Jeffrey Khaner, trumpet lessons from David Bilger, clarinet lessons from Ricardo Morale and French horn lessons from William Caballero and all online and from the comfort of your own living room.

ArtistWorks Classical also includes current ArtistWorks instructors Christie Peery (Piano Lessons), and Jason Vieaux (Classical Guitar Lessons), with Violin Lessons with Nathan Cole coming soon.


The CEO and co-founder of ArtistWorks, David Butler said:

“The dream of every aspiring classical musician is to study under a world-renowned master. The ArtistWorks Classical Music Campus makes this dream a reality by offering serious music students an opportunity to get direct guidance and individualized instruction from some of the greatest classical musicians teaching and performing today.” 

classical music lessons

ArtistWorks offers the best classical music teachers, all of whom are principal performers within their respective orchestras. In addition, most are music instructors at various ultra exclusive classical music schools including Juilliard, Curtis Institute and the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music (among others). Previously, having direct access to these prestigious teaching artists was virtually unobtainable.

Each ArtistWorks school covers everything an aspiring player would want to know, regardless of the level that you enter at.  They also provide the most popular etudes, orchestral excerpts, and solo instrument pieces designed to give classical musicians a competitive edge for competitions and auditions.

Through ArtistWorks’ patent-pending Video Exchange™ platform, each master teaching artist is able to provide a complete online curriculum in the form of streaming video lessons. Students can work through the music lessons and submit videos of their practice directly to their teacher. Their teaching artists can then provide video responses with expert advice, guidance and feedback on their technique. All online student teacher interactions become visible to the entire membership, forming a virtual master class where each student can benefit from one-on-one teaching.  ArtistWorks now powers over twenty-two online music schools from some of the biggest names in rock, classical, jazz and bluegrass.
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