What are you for and against?

Every so often it’s important to take a step back and evaluate those values that you hold dearest.  You’ll probably notice that over time they may change.  Indeed Warren Buffett said “Any year that passes in which you don’t destroy one of your best loved ideas is a wasted year”.  On a recent flight I took the time to list those things, ideas and values I cherished and those that turned me off.  I’ve listed them below.  What are yours?

For Against
Freedom Fenced-In
Creativity Blandness
Small Teams Committees
Personal Communication Mass Communication
Variety Routine
Fast Moving Slow & Steady
Short Projects Long Multiyear
Intuition Analytical
Positivity Negativity
Change Status Quo
Risk-Taking Risk-Aversion
Originality Carbon-Copy
Learning Ignorance
Connecting Detachment
Interdependence Dependence
Big Idea Details
Contrarian The Herd
Boutique Café Starbucks
Persistent Transience
Curiosity Uninterested
Smart Dumb
Selling Making
Sprints Marathons
Creating Maintaining

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