Creative Collaboration Keynote Speaker in Rome

James Taylor here keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends today. I'm in Rome, Italy.

Creative Collaboration: Keynote Speaker in Rome

James Taylor here, Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends today. I’m in Rome, Italy.


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Keynote Speaker in Rome

I’ve literally just arrived here in this wonderful city, one of my favorite cities in the world to be here. And I’m here because I’m going to be speaking tomorrow giving a keynote and doing a workshop, one of the world’s biggest logistics companies, brought their people from all over the world and got people coming as far as Singapore and Australia. And this event should have happened actually two and a half years ago. But because of all the things going on in the world, it wasn’t able to happen today, we’re very excited to be here together for the first time in a number of years. So I’m gonna be talking about creativity. And we’ll be talking about innovation, how to accelerate this, and organizations.

Creative Culture

Just come off speaking on stage, he’s giving a keynote and workshop here, we’re coming called Marken. And they’re a part of UPS Healthcare, a wonderful company in the area of clinical trials and supply chains, and things like that. And one of the things I was talking to them about was this idea of mentors and mentees and why this is so important in building what we call psychological safety or a sense of a creative culture within an organization. Because one of the dangers that we can sometimes get into it because you hear this thing in the media, it’s like learning creative genius. Really, it’s a spit of a myth, if you look at any great organization usually made up of lots of really creative peers, two different but complementary individuals, who are pushing each other forward, developing each other’s ideas. Now, those creative pairings sometimes can take the role of a support role or a trusted advisor, or they can even be competitive in nature. Here in Rome, obviously, very famous for lots of great artists and people like Leonardo da Vinci whom I was speaking about earlier, they were considered this kind of learn creative geniuses. But really what was kind of going on there, if you dig into the biographies of them, you realize the importance of the creative pairings that they had. In Da Vinci’s case, it was, first of all, with people like Verrochi, who’s his mentor, his initial kind of guide person, it took him under his wing, and kind of taught him that the trade of the pot and how the business works, and how how to become an artist. And then latterly, even some very famous paintings that people think are DaVinci. When you dig into it, you actually find that they were kind of CO creations between DaVinci. And the people that worked in his workshops is a very famous painting that sits in the Louvre gallery in Abu Dhabi, that’s an example of one of those. So sometimes it’s like it alone, creative genius, really is a bit of a myth. And a better way of thinking about creativity is collaboration. So that’s what I’ve been kind of talking about today, the power of creative collaboration to build great businesses. And now I’m just gonna go and explore spend a little bit of time in Rome and see the wonderful sites in this great city. So if you’re all looking for a keynote speaker to come speak at the next event you’re holding in a room or Italy somewhere, then please reach out to me my team, just head over to

Creative Collaboration: Keynote Speaker in Rome

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