Genius Loci Keynote Speaker in Rome

Genius Loci: Keynote Speaker in Rome

Genius Loci: Keynote Speaker in Rome

James Taylor here, Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends today. I’m in Rome, Italy.


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Genius Loci

So here I am very near the forum and the Colosseum in Rome. And the Romans Ancient Romans had an expression. It’s called the Genius Loci. And it’s this idea that places themselves can have their own creative genius, that you can go to places and just by sheer virtue of you being there, inspires you. Maybe you’ve sensed that maybe you’ve been on a beach somewhere or in a forest or up a mountain, or in a great city, like here in Rome, and the place inspired us to give you new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

This is one of the great things about travel, the great things about my job as a speaker, you know, this place here, people like Cicero, some of the greatest orators that ever walked on this planet lives around here. So for me as a speaker, probably the biggest thing I feel a sense as a professional speaker, is I kind of got to raise my game when I come to a city like Rome because this is the heritage This is lineage are some of the greatest speakers ever have spoken in some of the buildings around here?


Genius Loci: Keynote Speaker in Rome

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