James Taylor is a frequent guest speaker at universities and international conferences on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, online education, edtech, marketing strategy, brand marketing, online marketing, social media, SEO and video marketing.  He has been quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, Columbus Dispatch, Business Insider and San Jose Mercury News as well as well as being featured on both TV and radio by the BBC and other media outlets.

“James was one of my all-time favorite speakers at the Subscription Site Summit 2012. He has an unusually broad understanding of how to build a content business — from branding to licensing to the nitty gritty of conversion rate and retention optimization. Most people can only be good at one angle of this,; but, James is the total package. I look forward to hearing him speak again someday soon.” – Anne Holland (Subscription Site Insider Summit)

“We were pleased and thrilled to have James speak at Subscription Site Insider’s April Summit in San Francisco. Multiple attendees told me they appreciated his insightful advice about branding, payment processing and technology for the subscription website business. In addition, his informative but laid-back style made him a charismatic speaker, while his natural curiosity made him a valued participant in many session discussions.” – Minal Bopaiah (Subscription Site Insider Summit)


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As a leading creativity speaker James Taylor educates businesses and non-profits on creativity and innovation.  His speaking style is energetic, positive, humorous and personal. Each talk he gives is customized to the audience he is presenting to and focuses on practical, take-away tips, techniques and strategies for improving their businesses and organizations.

Depending on the audience James can cover topics from the higher strategic level all the way down to step-by-step guides for implementation.  He has presented to government agencies, politicians, marketers, technologists, entrepreneurs, students, religious and non-profit groups.

Potential Topics for Speaking

Remember that James can cover other topics. These are just some of James’ current favorite speech starting points.


James’ role at as a former VP of Business Development at online learning company ArtistWorks has given him a deep understanding of what is required to market both traditional education institutions and online education providers.  He talks about how to get your strategic position and brand messaging right for your organisation.  How to create an effective marketing funnel and optimise for success.  The best ways of blending data driven and creative marketing.

Please note that all speeches are tailored to your specific organization and needs. James customizes for each event.

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If you don’t have video marketing as a component of your overall marketing plan then you are missing out on reaching a huge audience.  Studies have shown that purchase intent amongst those watching an online video spot was 76% higher than those who hadn’t. Awareness increased by 205% and there was a 62% increase in daily sales volumes.  Zappos.com has used videos to increase their business by 30%.  However you don’t have to be a cool cutting edge company to benefit from effective video marketing.  Industries from construction to engineering, education to consumer products can all use video marketing strategies and tactics to supercharge their marketing campaigns.  Whether its teaching the basics of YouTube marketing or explaining how videos can be best used across social media, James Taylor will give your conference delegates the tools, tips and techniques they need.

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One subscription site isn’t cool. You know what is cool? Thirty subscription sites. Learn the tips, techniques and best practices for building multiple membership subscription sites in a scalable way including: becoming a “sniffer dog” for profitable niches; platforms, payment processing and partnerships; how to create a secret sales team; the matrix subscription site model; building super-brands and sub-brands.

Please note that all speeches are tailored to your specific organization and needs. Some elements will remain the same, but we customize per event. We don’t like cookie-cutters, unless you’re serving cookies.

To book James to Speak, please let us know via this CONTACT FORM.

More Testimonials

  • I would certainly recommend his services to anyone and welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”– Dan Castellano (On The Line, Japan)
  • “James is a first-rate marketing person and a leading expert at the crossroads of music, technology and online education. Highly recommended.” – Patrizio Chiozza (Emmeci Srl, Italy)
  • “James is an exceptional marketing person who has a passion, insightfulness and global outlook to his work. I can recommend him without hesitation.” – Tim Broun (eMusic.com, USA)
  • See even more testimonials here.

Previous Speaking Experience


  • Subscription, Membership & Paywall Site Summit 2012 – San Francisco, CA (April 2012)
  • Liberal Democrat Conference – Dunfermline, UK
  • British Music Show – Birmingham, UK
  • University of Dundee – Dundee, UK
  • University of Macerata – Macerata, Italy
  • University of Strathclyde – Glasgow, UK

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