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Unlock your Creative Genius and Maximize, Market and Monetize Your Creative Ideas.

Are you afraid that you are not reaching your full creative potential? This advanced C.SCHOOL program will take you on a journey to unleash your creative genius, find and develop your ideas, market to a global audience, monetize your ideas and brand and build a more creative business and life.


Creative Process Course

How to generate and develop your creative ideas

The Creative Process Course is an online training program which will help you master all five stages of the creative process so you can unlock your full creative potential. This is about helping you reach a higher level of creativity by mastering the ability to generate, develop and implement new ideas. It’s about ridding you or fear, blocks and frustration so that you can live a more creative life.


The Creative Life Summit

Learn from world-class creativity experts

Join 41 world-class experts as they reveal the secrets to unleashing your creative potential, turning passions into profits, and living a creative life. Ever longed to find your own creative purpose and path? Are you ready to dissolve the blocks, fears, and doubts that have have been holding you back? Do you want to develop the creativity skills and culture to get the best from your people? Then The Creative Life Summit is for you.


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