CL061: The Dead 27s talk songwriting, making records and Pledgemusic

Dead 27s

Today I talk with Charleston based rock and soul band Dead 27s about their creative process as musicians and crowd funding their recordings through Pledgemusic. Their new album Ghosts Are Calling Out is produced by Ben Ellman of funk/rock act Galactic and mixed by Mikael ‘Count’ Eldridge whose other credits include Radiohead and the Rolling Stones. Indie music magazine Jamsphere said of the band “Anyone who claims that rock and soul ain’t what it used to be clearly hasn’t heard of these stunning musicians. This will remind you of soul and blues from the late 60’s – with rock from the early 70’s. But probably the most compelling quality of the Dead 27s is how seamlessly they stay true to the pure, old school rock and soul sounds while making their music cutting edge and relevant to today’s listeners.”

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, the Dead 27s talk about their experiences of crowdfunding their music through Pledgemusic, how they all met and started playing music together and where they find ideas for their music.

“Overall in any development of any musician, you’re gonna experience a lot of failure and that’s kinda the key, to being able to accomplish what you want to is being able to step back and use whatever you feel as motivations and what drives you to achieve whatever you are trying to achieve.”

“Bare down the road and keep your head up because it’s gonna turn into a grind on some point. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of why your doing this and it’s actually something you love and it’s a labor of love.”

“Don’t fear failure.”

– Dead 27s

Dead 27s ‘Pledgemusic’ Show Notes:

  • Recording at New Orleans (4:40)
  • Ben Ellman as producer (13:20)
  • Fear of failure (22:00)
  • Life on the road (23:12)
  • Staying healthy (23:15)

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