CL060: Dr Noa Kageyama of The Bulletproof Musician on coping with stage fright

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk with Dr Noa Kageyama of The Bulletproof Musician on coping with stage fright.

Dr Noa Kageyama is a New York based performance psychologist and a former classical violinist. He has worked with everyone from music students from Juilliard to members of the US Armed Forces School of music. Noa’s skill is being able to help talented musicians prepare for orchestra job auditions, understand performance enhancement and overcome performance anxiety.

” Simply saying ‘I’m excited’ and trying to attribute everything that you’ve experiencing to being excited because, you know we’ve all had performances where we really were excited and we had the butterflies and were nervous but it was also super exciting and our performance is finally well, just re-attributing what we were experiencing to excitement as suppose to fear or anxiety is one small thing that can be done, but also very impactful at the same time.”

– Noa Kageyama

Dr Noa Kageyama ‘The Bulletproof Musician’ Show Notes:

  • Performance enhancement (3:31)
  • In A Game Of Golf (5:08)
  • Beta blockers (11:43)
  • Superstitious rituals (16:06)
  • Stephane Grappelli (19:47)
  • Relationship of sports to music (21:39)
  • Using technology to improve the performance of the individual musician (24:00)
  • Practicing effectively  (25:40)

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