CL062: Disability advocate Debra Ruh on brainstorming, innovation and speaking at the UN

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast global disability inclusion strategist Debra Ruh talks about brainstorming, innovation and speaking at the UN.

When told by ‘experts’ that her daughter, Sara, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, would be lucky to push shopping carts at the local grocery store, Debra refused to accept this. Debra Ruh’s unshakable faith in the power of human potential first led her to create multi-million dollar IT firm Tec-Access, an ICT Accessibility firm with the majority of employees being technologists with disabilities.

After exiting that business she started Ruh Global, which focuses on Global Disability Inclusion, Digital Marketing and the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. She now consults with governments, corporations, NGO’s, and travels the world inspiring and encouraging others to follow their dreams. Her latest book is called “Tapping Into Hidden Human Capital: How Leading Companies Improve Their Bottom Line by Employing Persons with Disabilities”.

“I just don’t let him stop me. I just walk right into him. I’m not gonna let anybody stop me including myself.”

“I’m gonna look fear in the face and I’m gonna walk right through him.”

– Debra Ruh

Debra Ruh ‘Brainstorming’ Show Notes:

  • Sara’s Story (3:15)
  • Compliance vs Innovation  (15:30)
  • Neurodiversity (23:17)
  • Brainstorming (26:53)
  • Creativity in different cultures (28:10)
  • Workplace training for millennials (30:45)
  • Always wanting to write (32:00)
  • Using anger as a motivator (33:06)
  • Looking fear in the face (36:00)
  • Raising $200,000 overnight (41:07)
  • The gut check (43:54)
  • Preparing to speak at the United Nations (45:37)
  • Having an authentic journey (46:17)

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