CL019: Dennis DelGaudio on standing your ground as a creative

Brooklyn based guitarist and composer, Dennis DelGaudio tells us about country bands in Brooklyn, New York City and his new city country band called “Shotgun Wedding“. Dennis shares to us about the band’s song writing process. Dennis talks to us about how the Beatles inspired him so much to write songs.

“Keep your head down and keep your legs moving. Be in the moment you’re in.”

“Look at what’s good around you.”

– Dennis DelGaudio

Dennis DelGaudio Show Notes:

  • Getting new ideas on songwriting and developing it (6:18)
  • Capturing ideas as they come into his mind (10:49)
  • Moving out of the London Production  (12:10)
  • Chinese Proverb – ‘Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight Times’ (12:52)
  • Being in the moment (14:10)
  • Playing with Billy Joel (18:14)
  • Promoting and marketing “Shotgun Wedding” in the music industry (24:00)
  • Standing your ground – advice from Billy Joel’s head of security (21:43)

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