CL020: Jeffrey Shaw on creative warriors, coaching and millennials in the workplace

Jeffrey Shaw is a business coach, podcast host and speaker on the subject of all things creativity. He is a believer that transformation requires both inspiration and implementation. Initially he started his creative journey as a photographer before discovering a passion for helping others through coaching. As the host of The Creative Warriors podcast he speaks with other creativity experts including Julie Cameron, Michael Gelb, Todd Henry, and Jeff Goins. His online coaching program ‘The Creative Warrior Unleashed’ helps creatives make a living doing what they love by better marketing themselves and their talents.

Jeffrey talks about leaving New York and relocating to Miami, his busy life and the need for a “reservoir”, the retreat to come back into himself and re-prepare his offering to the world. He also shares with us how he developed his approach to coaching.

“As creatives, we are fundamentally capable of being really good at more than one thing.”

– Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw Show Notes:

  • Freelancers (6:15)
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs (7:08)
  • Creative business owners (8:31)
  • The promise of transformation (10:00)
  • Old promises no longer work (12:15)
  • Companies encouraging creativity within a company (13:20)
  • Millennials in the workplace (15:19)
  • Building his coaching practice (17:05)
  • The One Thing Fallacy (18:02)
  • Showing up as a witness (20:35)
  • On having the platform for speaking before having the book (36:37)
  • Jeffrey’s new book (37:38)

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