Does Drinking Coffee Increase Creativity

Does Drinking Coffee Increase Creativity

Does Drinking Coffee Increase Creativity?

In today’s episode of the James Taylor Show we ask the question “does drinking coffee increase creativity?”

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Does drinking coffee increase creativity?

I was recently speaking at a conference in Bogota, Colombia.

And Colombia is a fantastic country for very good coffee.

And I like my morning cup of coffee or maybe a little late espresso in the evening.

But here’s some research that was recently done by Martha Ferrara, she found that high levels of caffeine in your diet coffee will actually reduce the number of ideas and insights that you generate.

That’s because caffeine is very good for doing more focused work and directing our attention inwards in that way.

But when you’re looking to be more creative, and you’re often looking to be more expansive, and it’s like I’m focusing your mind a little bit and kind of caffeine goes against that.

So what I would encourage you to do is when you’re looking to be expansive to kind of be doing a have a brainstorming or ideation sessions or just looking to open your mind more creatively, you want to dial down your levels of caffeine, switch to a good cup of tea.


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