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Today, I’m in Dubai, I’m here speaking in a few hours’ time going to be on stage giving the keynote on the closing day of an of conferences for about 100 executives from one of the banks here in the region.


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We’re on our way to the airport, not to catch a flight, but to get our PCR tests. So we can catch a flight in today’s time to go to Dubai because I’m gonna be speaking in Dubai for the first time speaking back in Dubai since really the pandemic started, it was great to be heading back there

this is I guess one of the things you have to do now for flights, go and get all these different tests. So I’ll be very, very happy. Once the test is done, then get the all-clear and get onto a flight. But thought brings you along. And you can have a look at what the whole process is like for doing testing, drive through testing, which is great because they have this here at the airport. I have.

But just to tell you a bit about what I’m going to do today. Okay, I’ll be taking a swab from the back of your throat. I’ll be there for just 10 seconds. seconds in each part of your throat. Yeah. And then also in one of your noses. So I’ll be there for just 10 seconds. And I’ll be off instead a bit uncomfortable. Yes. To at any point in time. If you’re not comfortable and want to talk. Just put up one hand can also fuckboys Okay, are you happy for me to proceed? Yes, go ahead. Thank you very much. Can you please show us your head back a bit?

Older, test completed, getting results a few hours and going to head home, go on the pack, and then head back to the airport. Come all the way back here a bit of a pain in the neck but has to be done.

Flight Day

So it’s early morning here just getting driven to Glasgow airport, we are gonna be catching a flight to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where I’m gonna be speaking, and about a day and a half’s time or so. But early morning flights, the size just coming up. And you get a chance to see beautiful Stirling Castle here in Scotland on my way to the airport

arrived at Glasgow all checked in. But to board the flight in Philly, about an hour’s time actually came here to the Emirates lounge. But unfortunately, it’s closed just now things haven’t quite come back to some kind of normality, I guess with places opening up again. But I use the time to actually go and buy some of these famous chocolates here in Scotland, for all the cabin crew that is going to be on the flight today. Sometimes quite nice just to buy the cabin crew. Little, little gift little thank you. They’ve had a very challenging 20 months or so like I was a professional speaker. And so just a little gift a little thank you for their service.

AV Check

Today, I’m in Ras Al-Khaimah, which is in the United Arab Emirates, but an hour outside of Dubai. And I’m here because I’m actually speaking I’m keynoting a conference tomorrow on the topic of creative collaboration. And this is a beautiful location, a fantastic hotel, they’ve done an incredible job on where the conference space is happening where all the delegates are. Today. This is the client is for a bank, private bank, and this like these like this, where I get a chance to come in a day early and just kind of get acclimatized and meet some of the people, and then stay in phenomenal locations like this on this beautiful beach. It makes you realize how fortunate you are, how lucky you are to be, for me to be a professional speaking global speaker and get to travel around the world. And how great is for live events to happen again, I heard a little something today from they were running a workshop today and I was talking to the gentleman running the workshop. And he said you cannot book a hotel conference space in Dubai over the next six months or so is jam-packed. It was great to see live events happening again. And I’m gonna have a little bit of an early night time but dinner with the client cocktails early night and then speaking keynoting tomorrow morning.

Keynote Speaking Day

Good morning from here and Russell Heimer. In the United Arab Emirates. I’m here speaking in a few hours’ time going to be on stage giving the keynote the closing day of an of conferences for about 100 executives from one of the banks here in the region. And one great thing about doing this particular event this week is I get to do something you don’t often get to do as a keynote speaker, which is getting a little bit of time before the event to spend some time with the client and all their executives, new employees because often what happens as a keynote speaker is if you’re speaking first thing in the morning, you might fly in the night before and then you speak in the morning and you leave in the afternoon. or sometimes it’s maybe to speak in the afternoon you fly in the morning, speak, and then leave later that evening. So you don’t really get a chance to spend good quality time with the client. And so what was nice about this particular event this week is the client brought me in a little bit earlier, actually spent pretty much the whole day of day one yesterday, with all the team kind of interacting with the team here, we had a great workshop event that was going on as well. And it reminded me of something that my friend, Nathan East who was a great bass player, Nathan works with Phil Collins. Lewis was great, Daft Punk was a great artist. And one of the artists that Nate works with is Eric Clapton. And there’s a famous story with Nathan when they were filming MTV Unplugged if your host MTV Unplugged series, and it was with Eric Clapton. It was just kind of a great TV series that happened, I think, in the 90s. And what happened was Nathan actually flew in a day early before the filming started. And so what he would do is he kind of got to know the crew on the set really, really well. And what he would do is, as the crew was doing was setting up their shots, he would, he would just because he’s this kind of person is just a really kind person, you’ll say, Listen, if you want me to stand in the place where Eric’s gonna stand when he pleases this, this line, or this does this thing often lead you to focus your shots and get your transitions and everything. So he was kind of going above and beyond just being really helpful. And the crew and the directors and the producers loved him for it. And as a result, if you watch the MTV Unplugged, show, recording, he’s almost in every shot, because the crew loved him. And yes, it’s Eric’s show, but you see him in loads and loads of the shot is the beat of the bass player. And it just kind of speaks this idea of kind of getting in a little bit early at times, and kind of getting to kind of bond with the crew, but also getting a chance to bond with the client as well. And this has been great for this particular event. So the first thing this morning, it’s a nice little walk along with the beach kind of rehearsing, going through some of my openings and my closing my speech because the musician Stephen Capelli once said If you can open and close, well, the middle takes care of itself. So I’m just going to make sure my opening close really, really tight. And now what I’ll be doing is I’m going down, I’m going to be doing, I’m on a panel, talking about collaboration and trust. And then after that, as I go on to give my keynote. So yeah, let’s get excited to get into my keynote today.

Dubai Expo 2021

So my keynote, fantastic audience, really, really nice, the warm audience had a lot of fun, interacting with them. Talk about collaboration, creativity, curiosity, and influence of that in business. Really great energy from the audience as well. It’s really, really nice to be speaking in this part of the world again. So now I’m heading from Russell Heimer, where the event was then to Dubai. And I’m going to be actually there for a few days now I’m doing some meetings while he everything was some clients and Bureau agents. And I’m also going to be exploring a little bit Dubai Expo, this is Expo 2020 or something 2021 is an incredible six months of events, highlighting what’s kind of happening in the future some of the most amazing innovations, just countries all over the world here being represented Dubai experts I’m going to explore a little with our film a little bit here. hopefully, be able to share some of that with you as well. But just now I’ve done my job. Fantastic. I can now relax a little bit had to do by I’m going to meet my wife Allison there and we’re gonna have dinner my favorite thing to do after giving a keynote is having an evening off and just enjoying a great meal. So tonight, we’re going to a fantastic Lebanese restaurant here in Dubai. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the amazing Arabian sands and we’re driving through

Dubai Keynote Speaker 

So we’ve come to the end of this video, hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my little trip around here in the Arab Emirates and in Dubai and for the amazing things that are going on at Dubai Expo, and some of the cool stuff that’s going on here at the moment, it’s really a great time to be in Dubai. I’m going to be leaving now gonna be heading on to the UK. And I’m gonna be heading on to Geneva in Switzerland where I’m doing an event and then to Kiev, in Ukraine, and then actually back here to you know, put about a week and a half time or so in Dubai. So if you are looking for a keynote speaker to speak at your conference, your meeting your big site, your big event, your global gathering here in Dubai, then just reach out to my team just head over to, and much more information there about that but until then, thanks for watching. Make sure that you subscribe. Please leave comments to let me know if you enjoyed this little video today.

Dubai Keynote Speaker

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