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Forbes recently ran this feature article on how I adapted my keynote speaking business during the pandemic.

The Forbes article is part of a series of pieces by best-selling author Elaine Pofeldt on the trend of Tiny Businesses; microbusinesses making big money—revenue in the high six figures, the seven figures, or beyond. Elaine says;

“Thanks to the explosion of free and low-cost digital tools, better digital payment options, the growth of freelance hubs, the ease of marketing on social media, the growth of online education via courses and masterclasses, and greater acceptance of remote work (which grew by leaps during the COVID-19 pandemic), small businesses can operate with new efficiencies and less startup capital than in years past.”

Keynote speaker James Taylor in Forbes Magazine

Tiny businesses, like those operated by keynote speakers, tend to get overlooked in the world of entrepreneurship, where the mindset is often “Go big or go home.” However, they represent a large portion of businesses in the US and the world. Currently, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the US, and of these, 5.3 million have between one and twenty employees. Another 26.4 million are nonemployer firms, meaning they have no paid employees on payroll—the group Elaine covered in her book, The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business.

Elaine’s new book Tiny Business, Big Money can be ordered here.

Tiny Business Big Money

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