CL035: Gary Hughes on creative photography, CreativeLive and headshots

Gary Hughes is a Florida based photographer who believes in creative photography and that head shots don’t have to be boring. He looks to infuse the creative energy of music, fashion and fun into his shoots and in 2012 he was named Master Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America association. Together with his wife Julie Fioretti, he is part of the dynamic duo that makes up Hughes Fioretti Photography. More recently he has been offering online courses through CreativeLive to teach other creative professionals how to grow their businesses and brand using social media and SEO.

In this Creative Life Podcast episode, Gary tells us about finishing his book on head shot photography and producing a photography podcast. He talks to us about turning your passion into a monetary enterprise and shares with us meeting his wife, learning the business of Photography together with her.

“If you’re around other people who do what you do and are better than you at it, it’s  gonna bring you up.”

“Learning to be competent first is the most important thing.”

– Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes ‘Creative Photography’ Show Notes:

  • Learning Photography (5:32)
  • My job isn’t my life (11:53)
  • Breaking in the family portrait business (16:11)
  • Developing a negative connotation about the business (22:41)
  • Using your images for marketing purposes (26:40)
  • Manage your expectations from photographers (27:42)
  • Courses on CreativeLive (28:10)
  • Systems to manage your workflow (33:52)

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