CL036: Taylor Swift’s performance coach Tom Jackson on creating unique live shows

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson has a passion for helping artists develop their onstage skills and produce unique shows. Through onstage rehearsals he teaches artists and bands to find the unique moments in their music, to capture and engage their audiences, and build fans for life. Artists he has worked with include Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Ladies of the Canyon and many many more.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Tom talks about working with charities and helping artists with tour support. He shares with us how he got involved in helping artists develop their own stage skills. Tom also tells us the common mistakes by artists on their first consultation.

“Confidence comes from preparation.”

– Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson Show Notes:

  • Looking at your show from the audiences perspective (4:58)
  • It’s about more than the song (8:22)
  • Developing themes and characters in your live shows (9:54)
  • Dating your audience (11:24)
  • Why pacing is often overrated (12:30)
  • Form and spontaneity (18:50)
  • Confidence, authority and charisma on stage (20:50)
  • Working with Taylor Swift (33:32)
  • High Tech, High Touch (34:32)
  • Creating transcendent live shows (34:58)
  • Getting outside your body as a live performer (35:40)
  • Canadian music week (41:27)

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