CL219: SuperIntelligence And The Ethics Of AI – Interview with Greg Keiser

Greg Keiser
Greg Kieser is the founder of, a Brooklyn-based think-tank and angel investment firm dedicated to increasing humanity’s readiness for the emergence of superintelligent entities through the study and spread of “supersystemic” perspectives and innovations. Kieser previously oversaw a portfolio of technology initiatives at an NYC-based poverty-fighting foundation. His new book, Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine sets a course for symbiosis with superintelligent machines. Learn more at
In this episode, we cover:
  • 1:57 – Complex systems
  • 2:55 – An optimistic view of superintelligent machines
  • 4:14 – Letters to a machine
  • 7:44 – UBI
  • 11:50 – AI and a period of strife
  • 15:59 – The ethics of AI
  • 16:54 – Write what you know

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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