How To Deal With Price Objections

How to deal with price objections

Key Strategies on How to Deal with Price Objections

Navigating Price Objections: A Guide for Speakers

In today’s discussion, explore practical strategies focusing on how to deal with price objections as a speaker, ensuring your unique offerings shine through, overcoming budget constraints and hesitations from event organizers.

Introduction to Price Objections

Navigating situations where event organizers might balk at your fee is a nuanced journey. Understandably, your fee might exceed their budget, particularly when they weigh your costs against another speaker. This scenario is rife in the industry, laying the foundation for mastering how to deal with price objections.

Key Strategies on How to Deal with Price Objections

1. Separate Yourself from the Competition

  • Action: Clearly showcase your additional value.
  • Example: Offer exclusive access to your online course along with your keynote speech.
  • Impact: Organizers perceive the extra benefits, softening their price objections.

2. Offer Added Value

  • Action: Propose added engagements like a free post-event online webinar.
  • Impact: Demonstrate your long-term investment in their event and attendees.

3. Highlight Your Unique Offerings

  • Action: Emphasize your commitment and unique contributions.
  • Impact: Position yourself as more than just a speaker, reducing price objections.

Overcoming Price Objections Effectively

Learn to deal with price objections by not just focusing on fee adjustments. Your aim is to creatively illustrate your unique and added value. These offerings make the event organizers look beyond the initial monetary investment, making you a worthwhile option despite a higher fee.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

In summary, mastering how to deal with price objections involves showcasing your overall worth and additional offerings, ensuring organizers perceive your true value, beyond mere dollar signs. For further success in the speaking world and dealing with price objections, access valuable resources and insights at

Thank you for exploring how to deal with price objections with us today. Propel your speaking career by effectively navigating and overcoming these objections, ensuring your unique value is always at the forefront.


In today's discussion, I’ll be zeroing in on how to deal with price objections, a common challenge especially for speakers who are lined up for various events.

Navigating the terrain where event organizers might not be ready to meet your fee can be tricky. Often, your fee might be higher than what they had budgeted for, leading to price objections. This is a common scenario, especially when they are comparing you with another speaker who might be charging less.

How to deal with price objections?

Start by separating yourself from the competition. In the instance where you are being compared with another speaker, make the comparison about more than just the price. You have to clearly showcase the additional value you bring to the table. For example, offer all attendees access to your exclusive online course along with your keynote speech. This added value, paired with your expertise, can help in mitigating the price objections as organizers see the extra benefits you are offering.

If you don't possess an online course, don’t fret. A counteroffer to conduct a free online webinar a month post-event or provide another form of continued learning could further emphasize your additional value, thereby addressing how to deal with price objections effectively. This proactive approach not only highlights your commitment to providing extended value but also positions you as a speaker who offers more than just a one-off talk.

In conclusion, dealing with price objections goes beyond just adjusting your fees. It’s about creatively showcasing the unique and additional value you bring, making the organizers see beyond the initial investment in your fee. Remember, the key is in providing more, showing more, and ensuring that the comparison between you and any other potential speaker is like night and day.

From sunny California, I wish you all success in dealing with price objections and making your mark in the speaking world. Interested in more insights like these? Feel free to visit for a comprehensive guide on becoming a successful speaker.

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