CL059: Dr Janice Presser on Teamability® and creative teamwork

Dr Janice Presser

Dr Janice Presser is a Philadelphia based behavioural scientist, CEO of The Gabriel Institute and the architect of Teamability ® – a new technology that measures the analytics of team chemistry. A recognized thought-leader in leadership and teamwork she is the author of six books including @DrJanice: Thoughts and Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork and Teamability®. Her forthcoming book will explore the theoretical and physical foundations of teaming, and the profound impact of teaming metrics on the structure, development, and leadership of teams.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Dr. Janice tells us about Teamability® working on start ups, mid sized companies and getting into larger companies.  Dr. Janice also shares with us how Teamability® started some time ago when she was working in healthcare.

“The best thing you can do is get the people who put the know in innovation, and there are plenty of them, out of the way.” People are naturally creative when they’re not told ‘Don’t do this.’.”

“I found my meaning in life, why would I ever change it.”

– Dr Janice Presser

 Dr Janice Presser ‘Teamability®’ Show Notes:

  • Teamability® (1:20)
  • Teams in healthcare (2:14)
  • Two kinds of teaming (5:30)
  • Myers Briggs (9:16)
  • Millennial Training (22:12)
  • Performance appraisal (23:25)

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