CL038: Writer Jennifer Louden on writing retreats, online courses and living your truest life

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first publication The Woman’s Comfort Book. Since then she has gone onto release six more books and has been profiled or quoted in dozens of major publications, even appearing on Oprah. Jennifer combines writing with teaching retreats, leading workshops and creating vibrant online communities for her fans. In all of these she helps people shape and live their truest life.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Jennifer tells us about her new book and her new online writing program. She talks about how she always wanted to create and always resisted creating and her struggles in the creative process. Jennifer also shares with us how her first book came about.

“Stop whining and start working.”

– Jennifer Louden

Jennifer Louden Show Notes:

  • Exploring by asking questions (4:38)
  • Getting on Oprah (6:20)
  • Bright shiny thing syndrome (8:30)
  • The Oasis Program (10:10)
  • Partnering with the wrong people (15:50)
  • Creating a body of work (16:28)
  • Writing book proposals (18:20)
  • Changes in the publishing industry (20:18)
  • The importance of email lists (21:53)
  • Using video to promote (24:16)
  • Awareness (25:22)

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