CL037: Tanzeem Choudhury on creating new and novel tech for mental health

Tanzeem Choudhury

Tanzeem Choudhury is Associate Professor of Information Science at Cornell University. At Cornell she directs the People Aware Computing Group which develops applications that improve people’s well-being. Part of this work is changing the way mental health is diagnosed and treated by creating new and novel wearable and mobile apps and devices. As part of her doctoral thesis at MIT she created the sociometer and the first experiments which led to a new field called Reality Mining, an area of science that Technology Review Magazine declared as one of the “10 technologies most likely to change the way we live”. She is also an entrepreneur and has recently co-founded Health Rhythm.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Tanzeem talks about her current projects on designing, mobile technologies that can measure human well being and working on how to influence human behaviour to increase quality of life. She tells us about how she was interested in Science and Math when she was growing up, but was never exposed to technology and had never owned a computer .

“Technology does not live in isolation.”

– Tanzeem Choudhury

Tanzeem Choudhury Show Notes:

  • Girls and technology (5:31)
  • The importance of breaking things (6:37)
  • Who are you solving the problem for? (9:35)
  • How technology can help with mental health (15:20)
  • Analyzing voice pattern (22:02)
  • Talking to people (25:19)
  • Gap between clinical adoption and customer views (29:50)
  • Raspberry Pi (38:31)
  • The Maker Movement (38:45)

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