How To Build Creative Courage – Interview with Jessica Lark

Author, artist, humanitarian, military wife, mother, photographer and instructor, Jessica Lark talks about creative courage and boudoir photography. Jessica also tells us about her current project called ” The Reliquarian “.

“Fear is the death of creativity, joy, and passion… fear keeps us from our purpose. Eradicate fear and you will conquer the world.”
– Jessica Lark

Show Notes:

    • The one word Jessica responds with when asked about her profession (2:00)
    • The idea behind Jessica’s blog post about the idea of “It’s Okay To Be A Beginner”.
    • How Jessica started learning her craft (6:58)
    • Jessica’s learning journey, ideas and creative process (10:36)
    • Insights or lightbulb moments (22:46)
    • Jessica’s advice to aspiring photographers and writers (28:35)
    • Jessica’s current projects (34:00)
    • Personal habit or daily ritual (43:15)

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creativity blueprint

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