How To Become A Better Writer – Interview with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts

American travel writer, essayist, and author of  “Vagabonding” and “Marco Polo Didn’t Go There”, Rolf Potts talks about creative writing and learning his craft.  Rolf shares with us where he gets his ideas in writing and how those ideas are developed. Rolf also shares with us the concept of  the expression “reading well”.

“It was through struggling through a screenplay that I realized that structure is very very important.” – Rolf Potts

Show Notes:

    • Writing your first screenplay (1:30)
    • The one thing that helped Rolf motivate himself as a writer.
    • Moving to Korea to teach English (2:30)
    • Where Rolf’s writing ideas come from (3:00)
    • The importance of structure in your writing (12:00)
    • Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz book structure (22:10)
    • How Rolf Potts uses Scrivener and Final Draft to write (29:00)


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