CL029: Jill Coleman on creative entrepreneurship, consistency and JillFit

Jill Coleman is a fitness coach, cover model and creative entrepreneur who helps women make their healthy lifestyle stress and shame-free. Her 16 year journey as a fitness entrepreneur began when she got her first job at a gym because of a free membership. She has been featured in SELF Magazine, Family Circle, SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine and her flagship program The Best Of You is transforming the health of women around the world.

In this episode of The Creative Life, Jill tells us about her new exercise program called “Treadlift”, which is launching soon. Jill talks about the dangers of becoming burnt out and exhausted and the process of writing a book. Jill also shares with us the secrets of her launch for “Best Of You”.

“What’s important is partnering with people who have the same value system and work ethics.”

“You have to both love what you are doing and your product.”

“Be consistent with content creation.”

– Jill Coleman

Jill Coleman Show Notes:

  • Creating content (5:57)
  • Conceptualizing, launching and promoting JillFit (7:06)
  • Being consistent (12:42)
  • Becoming visible (14:54)
  • Marie Forleo and Kris Carr (16:50)
  • Be The Friend. Be The Teacher (18:35)
  • Hashtags (23:11)
  • Kimra Luna (23:40)
  • Taking creative time and the power of full engagement  (28:32)

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