CL030: Nik West on playing with Prince and finding your USP as a creative

Nik West is a Los Angeles based bass player and vocalist. Her credits include work with Dave Stewart, Prince, John Mayer and recently as a special guest on American Idol. She’s also the brainchild behind the “Queen of Strings” competition.

In this episode, Nik West tells us her experiences performing with different drummers, and the importance of having chemistry between the bass player and the drummer. She shares with us how she started singing with her sisters and how her dad taught them harmony singing. Nik also talks about her wonderful experiences playing alongside Prince and John Mayer.

“The people that are the most successful are the ones that have failed many times, but they just keep getting up again.”

– Nik West

Nik West Show Notes:

  • Uploading her first video (7:00)
  • Moving to LA with Dave Stewart (8:35)
  • Sexism in the music industry (9:57)
  • Discipline as her biggest weakness (12:28)
  • Musicians and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (14:16)
  • Confidence with people (15:34)
  • Touring with John Blackwell (18:25)
  • Building Nik West the brand (23:22)
  • Changing her hairstyle (25:56)
  • The best advice she got from Prince (30:12)

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