CL026: Joshua Walters on creativity, improv comedy, jazz and digital fasting

Joshua Walters is a performer and coach who explores language, creativity, beatboxing and mental health. He is a regular contributor to Snap Judgement, a weekly storytelling radio show on NPR with TV broadcasts on PBS. Joshua is perhaps best known for his TED Talk entitled ‘On Being Crazy Enough’, which explores the links between the bipolar spectrum and creativity. Finally, he recently launched a global day without technology called ‘UnPlug!’ which sets out to highlight the benefits of disconnecting from technology.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Joshua talks about his improv comedy theatre workshop. He tells us about playing basketball and leaving it for theatre and also shares with us how to be comfortable performing on stage.

“You have to align yourself with something bigger than yourself.”

“The first time is best.”

– Joshua Walters

Joshua Walters Show Notes:

  • Working in a Jazz station (7:30)
  • Developing chops (9:19)
  • Bipolar a curse or a gift (18:24)
  • The link between improv and creativity (24:40)
  • Born Standing Up by Steve Martin (26:46)
  • Developing a wellness practice (32:18)
  • Unplug Idea (36:48)
  • Digital fasting (39:10)

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