CL027: Victor Wooten on creativity, purpose and fame

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, bass player, composer, author, producer, music educator and recipient of 5 Grammy awards, Victor Wooten tells us how he learned playing bass from his brothers and played music with them at a very young age. He shares with us his journey on how he also learned to play music through communicating with his instrument. Victor also talks about how he deals with people who have learned music in a different way and understanding their approach.

” When it comes to learning a language, we understand that we learn to talk first, learn the rules later. “

” As a musician, my goal is to make you feel good when I play. “

” Anybody can be famous. You don’t have to be successful to become famous. Being famous is not enough. Making it is just easy. It just depends on what you call making it, but knowing who you are and being a value to the world that’s a lifetime journey. “

” Learn it all. Get yourself out there, but have a good reason for getting yourself out there so that the world benefits.”

– Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten Show Notes:

  • Helping people to reclaim their Musical Freedom (11:07)
  • Goal as a musician (12:53)
  • Giving people the freedom to play badly (16:21)
  • Wrong notes are beautiful (16:58)
  • Victor’s Music Camps (19:04)
  • Positive feedbacks on Victor’s book (21:00)
  • Musical opportunities that did not happen (22:30)
  • Victor’s experience with Lee Greenwood (24:18)
  • Playing with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones (26:03)
  • Best advice from parents (28:15)
  • Music Nature Camp’s idea (30:21)
  • Listen to everything (36:55)
  • Re-evaluating himself (38:44)

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